About Me

Self Portrait

"My mother told me, 'If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become Pope.' Instead, I was a painter, and I became Picasso."

On a scorcher of a day in the summer of 1984, I was born in Yuma, Arizona, just 25 miles from the Mexican border! Life in the desert was somewhat lonely for this trio, so we moved to Central Pennsylvania to be closer to family. This was my new "home". Growing up in the 80's and 90's was great! Ghostbusters. Transformers. MacGyver. MTV. AC/DC. Vanilla Ice. Ninja Turtles. WWF. Blues Traveler. Dave Matthews Band. George Carlin. Man, those are some memories!

The friends I made growing up are my entourage of today. Scouting, basketball, football, grade school, high school - through thick and through thin.

As a student I was always good in math and science, but I was GREAT IN ART. I owe that to my parents. My mom, with her crafts and interior design and my my dad, with his passion for photography. I guess they rubbed off on me. My high school art teacher mentored my passion and pushed me in the direction of graphic design. Commencement awards in art continued to stir this passion.

Knowing that I wanted to major in graphic design was easy. Knowing where I could foster my talents was more difficult. I contemplated two year schools, four year schools, art schools, and liberal art schools. My decision to attend Marywood University, a small liberal arts college located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, proved to be the best decision I ever made. It was a perfect extension of my family and friends - an extension of me. I added photography as a minor to create, capture, and cultivate even more interest in my graphic design skills. I wanted to make magic happen! While this added a fifth year to my college life, my "super-senior" year at Marywood University brought me closer to my lifelong passion; services that include creating custom print and online identities, and capturing images of life's greatest moments. Graduation day, 2007, the reward for my passion - a BFA with major concentration in graphic design and minor concentration in photography.

Since graduation, I have returned to my roots in Central Pennsylvania. I have expanded my educational knowledge with professional experiences in graphic design and photography. I am "home". I am about to marry my best friend. My family and friends remain near and dear. I am on the journey to a life that encompases all of my passions. With a great education behind me, a loving family, beautiful bride, and wonderful friends beside me, and a great career in graphic design and photography before me, this journey will be the ride of a lifetime!

Artist Statement

My artwork, like all graphic design, is either a solution to a given problem, or a window into my emotions from inception to creation. Graphic design is much more than this, however. It is also an excellent way to communicate with the world around us.

The world, in my opinion, does not fully realize the importance of graphic design. While we encounter graphic design every day, few realize it. My goal as a graphic designer and photographer is to help people view the world through great artwork. I want YOU to see the world through the magic I create in my artwork.

My Equipment


Art is a very hands-on profession, and each artist has his or her own unique tools. Currently, I use an Apple iMac i5 that is running all of the latest Adobe Creative Suite programs for my graphic design and photo editing. As far as cameras go, I can be found with my trusty Canon in hand.