08.05.2011. WE'RE MARRIED!

Self Portrait

A Story Four Years In The Making...

When all the planning was done and all of the stress was gone, it was time for my fiance and I to exchange our vows. Our wedding was held on a perfect day. The weather was gorgeous, the decorations were amazing, the venues and vendors were great, and the bride was stunning!

Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who was a part of our special day. Because of you, we will have great memories to last us a lifetime!

* The image to the left is courtesy of The Susquehanna Photographic.*

News Archive

06.01.2011. Website Redesign...Again!

In a continuing attempt to clean up my professional appearance, I have decided, once again, that it is time for a complete overhaul on my portfolio website. While I love my old flash-based website, I feel that I need to shy away from it for a while. iProducts are not yet compatable with flash, and therefore someone with an iPhone or an iPad cannot view my site. The current website viewing public is far too saturated with iProducts to ignore them anymore. Therefore, in an attempt to have my work viewed by more people, my new website is iFriendly.

This overhaul has come in two parts. Last week, I launched my virtual business card and the response has been great! My physical business cards have a QR code on them for smartphone users to scan and access the online version. On my virtual business card, viewers can browse an extremely stream-lined overview of who I am and what I do. I look forward to generating much more traffic to my online portfolio through this sister site.

As of today, part two of the overhaul went active. If you are reading this, then you are looking at part two! As always, constructive criticism is always appreciated, so please let me know what you think!

05.30.2011. Design Portfolio Complete

Coming up this Thursday, I have a huge job interview. I have spent the past week completely rebuilding my graphic design portfolio. I weeded out all of the old work and added all my new work. I believe this portfolio is the strongest one that I have ever put together...let's hope it lands me the job!

05.09.2011. When life hands you lemons...

I just hung up from a phone conversation with one of my good friends from college. Guess who (through •n•e•time• productions) is the newest freelance graphic designer for USA Rugby?! This is going to be great! Looks like my work is FINALLY starting to get noticed!

02.25.2011. Website Updated

One of the few benefits of not having a full time job is that I have tons of free time. Over the past few days I have gone through all of my pictures and pulled out around 200 photos that I never got around to editing for use in my portfolio. These photos are now all edited and uploaded throughout this website. Take some time to browse through all the categories and check out the "new" stuff! As always, your feedback is very welcome, so let me know what you think!

02.21.2011. Studio Closed

Let me tell you, last night was NOT fun. We gathered for a mandatory management meeting at work with our new district manager. The meeting was to discuss the new changes to the company...the changes being that we were one of 52 studios being shut down. They had spent the past 2 weeks closing down 27 studios. They were going to spend the night closing 25 more. We were asked to turn in our keys and gather our belongings because we were not going to be opening in the morning. Like a ghost in the night...poof we were gone. The timing wasn't great with all that is going on in my life right now, but I took the news with my head held high. The lessons I learned both management wise and business wise will last me a lifetime. Time to move on to bigger and better things.

02.13.2011. Magnificent Wedding

Kelly and I just returned from our weekend in Long Island, New York. We were up there to attend the wedding of one of her closest college friends, and what a wedding it truly was! I felt like royalty at the event. The venue was a gorgeous historic thatched cottage with plenty of character. The reception was full of great food and jazz music. I wish I had taken more than just my point-and-shoot to document the night!